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Learn more about Fish to do.

We at Fish to Do aim to provide services to the aquarium industry in various forms. Our trained staff can assist in most projects where fish and living water is concerned. With over ten years in the aquarium industry we have an extended network to manage any scenario put before us.

Our friendly technicians can provide experienced services, helpful consultation and friendly advice with all your water displays. Our services cater for all private and commercial clients.

Any aquarium or pond in need of help and regular care, our maintenance service is an ideal way of keeping the quality of your water feature in a healthy state. We service the Perth metropolitan area and rural areas of Western Australia

Fish Sales & Trade

We at Fish to do offer advice or organisation of fish species that will best suit your aquarium, pond or water feature and assist in advising the best filtration system to suit the needs of your fish. We have a industry networks for many brand s of products, fish, coral and plants. Orders can be made over the phone or with our staff on a recurring visit.

General maintenance

One of the most important aspects to fish keeping is regularity of the up keep of water quality and the maintenance of appliances to assure that. Pumps are all too often only fixed when broken, however the regular attention would prevent such situations from occurring. Having a professional check your pump regularly would extend your pumps lifespan saving big dollars on new pumps.

All Pump manufacturers will state that warranty will not be grated if a pump has been maliciously used. This means it has not been used for the purpose it was intended for. A pump is intended to pump water freely at the rate specified. A blocked or calcified pump is not functioning at its usual rate as specified and can cause subdued unnecessary stress that shortens the pump s life span and voiding warranty.

It is advised to get your water feature appliances checked and tested so that you can be sure you are getting your value for money from your pump and your water stays in a healthy state.

Water Changes and Conditioning

The quality of water determines the health and the life that it can sustain. Oxygen and water are two major elements of life without one or the other no life would exist. The best way to bring life and health back to a water body is to consider what your intension is and what the limitations are. Often these limitations can be overcome by the used of appliances that manage the water quality and keep it within a nice healthy balance.

All water will slowly deteriorate in quality under various circumstances. This is why it is important to keep healthy environment water changes should be regularly carried out to reduce dissolved nitrogen and minerals that accumulate over time. It is recommended that ponds water should be changed out by 50% twice a year to keep it healthy and may be more frequent with high fish stocks. Aquariums generally need a water change every four to six weeks to keep organic wastes in control. Water features are best completely emptied at least once a year to prevent a build-up of calcium and other minerals from accumulating that can affect a pumps performance.

Health care and disease treatment

Once a fish becomes stressed from not being in its ideal environment it will become vulnerable to diseases. These diseases lurk within your water waiting for a unwell fish to infest. With good water quality there is a lesser risk compared to fish in bad water quality. Healthy fish become high risk when new fish enter their environment without being quarantined for disease, bringing with them disease that may “break out” and infect the healthy fish as they are not immune to the alien diseases.

Water Plant expertise

When Decorating an aquarium or pond green life adds an attractive finish and a natural look to the design. Selecting the right plants for the situation can be difficult depending on availability. The selection of so called weed plants often occurs as rarely information is given about the invasiveness of certain plants. We at Fish to do can give you appropriate direction and guidance on how to manage plants that have been added to your feature.

Live fish courier

Fish can be difficult to transport at times and without the appropriate handling and care death can result rapidly. Territorial fish may harm each other and during warmer weather oxygen levels rapidly decrease. Good judgement and plenty of aeration can lower the chances of mortalities. Fish to do provides services where fish can be safely transported from one location to another.

Marine corals

Coral reefs are sensitive environments and when keeping corals in a closed aquarium understanding the biology and chemistry of how a coral reef works is extensive. Fish to do can advise technologies that have advanced in the aquarium trade to make keeping a coral reef as easy and enjoyable as possible. With vast experience and industry contact we can source equipment, supplements and corals to create a healthy stable environment.

Marine water Deliveries

The water quality of oceanic seawater is unlike freshwater. The properties of salt are only part of the chain of minerals that make up seawater. Two methods are generally used to attain the right parameters required for a coral reef. There is the mix it yourself option using synthetic salt specially formulated to mimic the properties of seawater. This method is more costly and time extensive but assures accurate parameters are met once mixed. This method is usually mixed with reverse osmosis water to get best results as it eliminates the harmful chemicals that come with scheme tap water. The second option is purchasing raw natural seawater. This is a less controlled way of sourcing water but cheaper and no mixing is required. It is known that Perth local seawater is poor in certain trace elements and this water will always require dosing to elevate the buffer capacity of the water.


The Practice of keeping live aquatic systems varies from the basic pond and aquarium through to lake sized ecosystems and commercial aquaculture. Our expertise at Fish to do incorporates all these project styles. The knowledge and information comes from Industry experience, qualifications and a science degree in seafood and aquaculture. Any enquiry that is put before us is considered and information will be provided unless further research is required. The purchase of our services can save you money on unnecessary purchases and can help you gain the enjoyment you expect from you water feature.