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We are now a full-mobile service; offering all aspects of water-feature back-up support for residential & commercial clients under one roof. We have been providing an exceptional service to a wide scope of area throughout Perth region for the last 9 years. Our experienced, uniformed & friendly professionals set the standard of our quality-service with a unique approach to deal in any water-feature skillfully up to par. This unique niche has set us apart in this field.

We deal in almost all sorts of water features starting from the common water features i.e. Ponds, Aquariums and Fountain Displays to the complex feature like huge-Aquarium, Bespoke Water Feature. The extent of these features varies from case to case as the practice of keeping water feature is often custom designed to the taste of the client. The support offered by “Fish to do” provides experienced advice on care, upkeep and solutions. As most jobs undertaken by “Fish to do” are highly varied the success of the business has come from organization and being equipped with the appropriate tools to tackle most jobs.

Our services are armed & ready with high-quality-tools in providing any form of back-up supports to tackle any faults starting from simple to complex. Whether you are looking out for the maintenance or regular care of your pond or aquarium; our service is the ideal match of keeping your water-quality in a healthy way.

We are specialized in:
  • Changes & Conditioning
  • Cleaning Vacuuming of ponds & water features
  • Lighting Supplies
  • Health Care & Disease Treatment
  • Aquarium Relocations
  • System Repairs & Construction
  • Restaurant & Seafood Facilities
Our up-to-par-service:
  • Pump Repairs & Servicing
  • System Upgrades
  • Ponds & Dams Excavations
  • Water Plant Expertise
  • Filtration Advice
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Marine Water Deliveries
  • Fish Food
  • Product Deliveries
  • Live Fish Courier
  • Consultation
  • Marine Corals
  • Dewatering
  • Aquaculture & Farming