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Learn MOre about Fish To Do

We at Fish to Do aim to provide services to the aquarium industry in various forms. Our trained staff can assist in most projects where fish and living water is concerned. With over ten years in the aquarium industry we have an extended network to manage any scenario put before us.



“Fish to do” is an ornamental fish based business that focuses on providing back-up support services to the clients needing advice & work on their water features. The business is a mobile-support- service to residential and commercial customers for their particular water features.

It has been in service since 2003 operating in one simple proposition: “render each customer with high-quality personalized service”. As a consequence, we have enjoyed a reputation as one of Perth’s premier support-service-providers with a large extent of customer-base over this time of 9 years.


What We Do

Fish Sales & Trade We at Fish to do offer

advice or organisation of fish species that will best suit your aquaculture aquarium, pond or water feature and assist.

General maintenance One of the most important aspects

to fish keeping is regularity of the up keep of water quality and the maintenance of appliances to assure that.

Water Changes and Conditioning The quality of water determines the health

and the life that it can sustain. Oxygen and water are two major elements of life without one or the other no life would exist.